I'm a (mostly) healthy chef

I've worked in restaurant kitchens in New York City and Italy and spent many years executing both large farm-to-table catered events and intimate dinners in the greater Boston area. When I couldn't take the harsh winters any longer I planted roots in Tampa Bay and have been excited to join it's burgeoning culinary scene. Cooking for an array of wonderful private clients and teaching cooking classes allows me to share my passion for bringing beautifully crafted and delicious tasting food to your home, and teaching how you can also be a (mostly) healthy chef. I have lived, cooked, and eaten my way around the world including Italy, Portugal, the Philippines and Singapore. Their amazingly vibrant flavors - while vastly different - share a common denominator: the ingredients are locally sourced, humanely raised, harvested at their peak, and enhanced by the terroir of the place. Thus my cooking philosophy is to start with the best ingredients possible. I buy local, seasonal ingredients whenever I can, and I avoid GMO, chemically laden ingredients as much as possible. I put a healthy spin on mostly everything, but I also know when you just have to go all in. So whether you're craving juicy tomatoes, aged balsamic, and a drizzle of olive oil, or a spread of cheese, salumi, and a bottle of your favorite red, know that you can always feel good about feeding your family and friends whatever I set out on your table.

Personal Chef 

Celebrating an engagement, birthday, anniversary, or your team winning the big game? Or do you just want to enjoy someone else doing the cooking for you? Enjoy beautifully displayed, delicious and (mostly) healthy food in the comfort of your own home.

Cooking Classes

From girls' night wine and cheese pairings to couples fresh pasta making; from kids sushi rolling to get-your-husband-in-the-kitchen miracles, learn with your family and friends without ever leaving your kitchen.

Health Coaching

Looking to make lifestyle changes that will enable you to feel your best, restore your relationship with food, say goodbye to yoyo dieting and help you love the way you look and feel? Discover a most healthy you. 

Are awesome chefs only for restaurants? Of course not...they're for all the time!

5 Reasons I Should Be on Your Speed Dial

#1 – To cook for you, your family, & your friends – from simple dinners to swanky cocktail parties - you want me in your kitchen. Trust me.

#2 – To buy cool stuff from me, just because – like marshmallows, caramels, and granola. And these make amazing party favors too!

#3 – To buy cool stuff for your friends – see above.

#4 – To teach you how to cook whatever your heart desires – and your friends and your kids and even clients you want to impress…

#5 – To be your health coach – helping you navigate optimum health, tricky restrictive diets, and beyond.